Embracing industry 4.0 and technology to reduce costs, optimize production and enhance workforce efficiency

27 October 2020

Chicago, Illinois

2019 Speakers / Facilitators

Billy Ingram of Interface speaking at Smart Manufacturing Automation Summit

Billy Ingram

Director of Lean Product Development


Raj Sohmshetty of Ford Motor Company speaking at Smart Manufacturing Automation Summit

Raj Sohmshetty

Senior Technical Specialist, Process Analytics & Emerging Technology

Ford Motor Company

Kallin Kurtz of Shaw Industries speaking at Smart Manufacturing Automation Summit

Kallin Kurtz

Strategic Automation Director

Shaw Industries

Tomas Norbut of Trelleborg speaking at Smart Manufacturing Automation Summit

Tomas Norbut

IT Infrastructure Project Manager/IoT Program Manager


Daniel Alderete of Sanofi speaking at Smart Manufacturing Automation Summit

Daniel Alderete

Director of Operations


Buckley Brinkman of Wisconsin Center for Manufacturing and Productivity speaking at Smart Manufacturing Automation Summit

Buckley Brinkman

Executive Director / CEO

Wisconsin Center for Manufacturing and Productivity

Robert Joseph of Stanley Black & Decker speaking at Smart Manufacturing Automation Summit

Robert Joseph

Director of Industrial Strategy for Industry 4.0

Stanley Black & Decker

Alexander Nazarov of Cummins speaking at Smart Manufacturing Automation Summit

Alexander Nazarov

Engineering Functional Excellence Manager


Kurt Kreig of BASF speaking at Smart Manufacturing Automation Summit

Kurt Kreig

Senior Manager Manufacturing Systems and Automation


Debbie Waddell of Daramic speaking at Smart Manufacturing Automation Summit

Debbie Waddell

Director of Operations


Brian Charles of Augury speaking at Smart Manufacturing Automation Summit

Brian Charles

Enterprise Account Executive


John Harrington of HighByte speaking at Smart Manufacturing Automation Summit

John Harrington

Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer


Peri Subrahmanya of Bayer US LLC speaking at Smart Manufacturing Automation Summit

Peri Subrahmanya

Product Manager, IoT, Monsanto Company

Bayer US LLC

Warren Puitt of Colgate - Palmolive speaking at Smart Manufacturing Automation Summit

Warren Puitt

Vice President - Global Engineering Services

Colgate - Palmolive

Ron Stuver of SICK, Inc. speaking at Smart Manufacturing Automation Summit

Ron Stuver

Director, Business Consulting, Industry 4.0

SICK, Inc.

Travis Schell of Colgate-Palmolive speaking at Smart Manufacturing Automation Summit

Travis Schell

Factory Performance and Reliability Regional Lead


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What is unique about our event?

Every organization, team and employee will face their own unique manufacturing challenges. Whilst many common challenges exist; business objectives may vary, each company will vary in size, availability of budget will differ and so will resources, which means that a “one size fits all” method may not be effective.

Understanding this, our format is designed to drive value through the power of discussion, leaning on smart manufacturing, automation, digitalization and technology experts to structure conversations around specialist topics and lead them according to the objectives of the participants.

This approach enables the discussion to flow more seamlessly and create opportunities to work through current problems by by utilizing the experience
and skill sets of every attendee and the facilitator to ensure each group concludes with useful and practical insights that will make a real difference.

Industry 4.0 has continued to disrupt the manufacturing industry at a rapid pace with many organisations progressing through their smart technology and automation journeys. Whilst some manufacturers are at the early stages of their journey and evaluating their business, others have identified appropriate solutions and now at the point where they are selecting vendors, implementing and integrating new technologies and scaling throughout the organization.

The benefits of technology is clear; with many manufacturers already realizing that robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and collaborative automation can drive productivity & efficiency gains whilst at the same time reduce costs and overheads, minimize risks and maintain safe operations.
Utilizing technology as a solution can certainly drive value, but the challenge then lies in the ability to build the business case, secure funding, develop an effective smart manufacturing and automation strategy, lead change, up-skill staff, select technology and prove ROI by defining clear metrics to measure success.

Ensure you secure your place at the conference, to network and discuss with your peers and competitors who may have already solved some of your common challenges.

Format explained:

  • Keynote presentation focused on macro issues and the future of the industry 
  • Thirty roundtable think-tank discussions to choose from with six different opportunities 
  • Five different themes including strategy, leadership, technology, safety and collaboration 
  • Five pre-scheduled face-to-face meeting sessions between vendors and delegates open to every operator 
  • Panel discussion featuring our roundtable think-tank leaders to summarize the day and answer questions from the audience 
  • Networking drinks reception open to everyone

We will unite over 120 smart manufacturing & automation specialists from leading small, medium and large organizations focusing on:

The future of manufacturing and manufacturing 4.0

Redefining business strategy and developing a technology driven business model

Establishing a smart manufacturing and automation strategy

Understanding what level of automation is applicable and selecting technology to support it

Achieving new levels of productivity, performance, flexibility, efficiency and quality through automation

Reducing overheads, operating and capital costs to increase profitability

Leadership, change management, culture and people

Exploiting IoT, Advanced Analytics, AI and ML technology to achieve business drivers

Who will you connect with at the Smart Manufacturing & Automation Summit 2019?

VP’s, Directors, Global Heads and Managers of:


  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Automation
  • Technology
  • Industrial Strategy
  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • IT
  • Data, AI & ML
  • Plant Management & Operations

Technology & Solution Providers:

  • IoT Platforms
  • Location Detection Technologies
  • Advanced Human-Machine Interfaces
  • Cyber Security, Authentication and Fraud Detection
  • 3D Printing
  • Smart Sensors
  • Big Data & Analytics, AI and Machine Learning
  • Augmented Reality & Wearables
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Devices
  • Integrators

We will unite over 120 smart manufacturing & automation specialists from leading manufacturing companies

    • Gain an industry forecast of the market, innovation occurring in the sector and how it is expected to evolve over the next 12 months to ensure your strategy is aligned to future possibilities
    • Work through unique challenges by networking, sharing, discussing and collaborating with Smart manufacturing, automation and digitalization specialists from leading manufacturers, solutions providers, startups and consultants that have successfully solved your problems.
    • Enhance operational efficiency and asset optimization across the entire organization through automation technology and digitalization, that will reduce costs, limit down-time, improving productivity and bottom line.
    • Leverage company data that will improve speed and accuracy of decision-making.
    • Ensure new and existing technology selection is fully aligned to unique business objectives and designed specifically to solve the Manufacturing issues you expereince.
    • Reduce risk, increase reliability and maintain all health, safety and environmental regulations and standards.

2019 Sponsors

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“An excellent way to interface with industry and discuss common struggles and solutions. You find tools and tricks in every single session”
Kallin Kurtz, Strategic Automation Director, Shaw Industries
“Excellent content, with knowledgeable keynote speakers”
Chris Gronowski Global Key Account Manager, Weidmueller
“There is a lot of knowledge in the room and it is great to network
and share experiences with those who have similar concerns and
Andrew Barco, Division Director, Automation Product and Services, Weidmueller
“The Future Smart Manufacturing and Automation Summit was an extremely
well run event, with great facilitators and good engagement across a
number of manufacturers”
Mark Collman, Global Automation Lead, Newell Brands
“The Smart Manufacturing and Automation Summit provided great insight
into smart manufacturing and industry 4.0. The sponsors were
extremely knowledgeable and engaged. I will take the insights back to
my company as we continue to implement out IIOT strategy”
Rhett Dickinson, Senior Manager – Manufacturing Systems, Newell brands
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